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Interim Headteacher: Lee harris

Head of School - Keighley: Michelle Nichols
Head of School - Thackley: Dave Prosho

Keighley: Greenhead Road, Utley, Keighley, West Yorkshire, BD20 6ED

Thackley: Ellar Carr Road, Thackley, Bradford, BD10 0TD

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Key Stage 4-5


GCSE Mathematics

This half term students will continue working on number moving on to look at fractions , decimals percentage and ratio. They will learn how to order and compare FDP and how to perform the four operations on fractions and decimals. They will learn how to calculate the fraction and percentage of an amount , moving onto percentage increase. Students will also look at ratio. They will learn how to simplify ratio how to share to a given ratio and how to calculate best buys

BTEC Applied Science

This half term we will be planning and carrying out a variety of scientific experiments.  We will also be recording and presenting the results of the various experiment.


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GCSE English Language

This half term students will be reading a set text and how the author has hooked the reader.  The students will also look at how the writer has used creative writing techniques.  This will help them to answer the creative writing section of the exam.


Students will focus on demonstrating  skills in team-based sports such as basketball. They will show confidence to demonstrate skills in conditioned practice and competitive play. Here, pupils will build on prior knowledge from the previous term to aid in their performance in match situations. 







Students will learn about puberty and menstruation.
They will look at LGBT+ definitions, legal aspects of relationships, understand STIs and how they can be contracted, and identify different methods of contraception and where they can find support.


Students will learn through therapeutic art, how to self soothe and self-regulation strategies. 

They will explore different methods of stress management through music, art and spoken word.

Students will learn about mindfulness through participation in art.


Weekly assembly will be used to discuss the 'Thought of the week' which will include National Stress Awareness Month; PSHE Day; Anti-Bullying Week; Role models/heroes; World AIDS Day; Advent/Christmas; Achievement 











‘Close up’

Students will learn how to observe and record from a range of natural and manufactured objects. 

They will explore and experiment with a variety of materials, processes and techniques including textiles, batik, printmaking. Students will observe and record from a range of objects, such as seed pods, shells, fungi etc. 

Students will explore and respond to a variety of contextual sources, such as the Boyle Family, Robert Cottingham, Alison Watt and the photographer Andreas Feininger.

BTEC Animal Care

Students will learn how to select the appropriate housing for various animals to meet their needs and to keep them and others safe. They will prepare and maintain animal accommodation and be able to clean out the accommodation.

BTEC Cooking


Students will be making a variety of baked products including bread rolls, pizza, flat breads and fruit loaf. They will identify why we use yeast and the importance of kneading and proving. Students will also identify herbs used in bread recipes.

Students will also launch their own business enterprise this half-term, supplying staff lunches on Thursdays. This will develop their entrepreneurial and teamworking skills. 











BTEC Hair and Beauty

Unit 10: 'Demonstrating Nail Art'

Students will have the opportunity under supervision, to develop and practice skills in using basic nail art techniques.

BTEC Music

Unit 1: 'The Music Industry'

Students will look at different job roles in the music industry and the responsibilities of each role. Who is responsible for what activity, why and how are things done and what are the advantages and disadvantages of relying on individuals for individual services in relation to the key stages of the production timeline. For performance/creative roles, students will consider the skills and responsibilities of each performer or creative role in terms of who does what and why it is important. 

BTEC Sport

Level 2 students will look at rules and regulations of a team and independent sport. They will describe and explain these also listing significant role in that sport. 

Level 3 students will be looking at the anatomy of the human body, and listing major bones, muscles and organs. They will then go on to analyze how these support athletes in different sports.  Students will look at principles of training and how these benefit various athletes in their desired sports, describing and explaining reasons why.












Unit 4: 'Creating digital animation'

Students will understand the applications and features of digital animation products, they will then design a digital animation product. Finally test and review a digital animation product

BTEC Land Based Studies

Unit 8: 'Growing Plants'

Students will be learning how to grow plants using different methods, such as sowing seeds and taking cuttings, and learn what is needed to grow plants successfully. The students will find out about the environmental conditions that seeds and cuttings need to grow into healthy young plants. They will learn how to establish them, ‘pricking out’ new seedlings and ‘potting on’ young rooted cuttings, providing suitable conditions that mean they will grow into healthy, vigorous plants.