Meet the Staff


The Leadership team

Executive Head - Sue Haithwaite

Head of School - Suzanne Craig

Deputy Head - Michelle Nichols


Middle Leaders

Samantha Williams - TLR Key Stage 3

Heather Mullarkey - TLR Key Stage 4

Margaret Allwood - TLR Post 16



Careers Lead

Janet Vinci

The Admin & IT Support Team

Kathryn Murphy - School Business Manager             Dawn Robertson - School Operations Manager

Sophie Robinson - EHCP & Finance Assistant             Nicola Poole Administrative Assistant

Amy Brewster - Administrative Assistant

Class Teachers Key Stage 3

                   Samantha Williams                        

                                                        Mehrose Fahzi

      Janet Vinci     

                 Anne  Hargreaves                  

  Saira Ahmed    

Key Stage 4 Teachers


  Heather Mullarkey     

     Alexandra Foster        

       Simon Jones          

Katie Beaumont

Key Stage 5 Teachers

            Margaret Allwood        

                                                                         Guy Edmundson

Specialist intervention class teachers       

    Emily Pearson              

                                                                        Sajid Ali

                                                              Clare Tiffany - Music lead


Higher Level Teaching Assistants & Lead Professionals


                                                                                        Lesley Fahy

                   Gail Rushton                  

   Rebecca Harding


Cover Supervisors & PPA Cover 

Adrianna Cracknell

Kay Earnshaw

Julie Fletcher

We have numerous Special Needs Teaching Assistants.

You will see them supporting in the classrooms and some of them are also trained to offer rebound sessions or manage swimming sessions.

Too many to name individually but all invaluable!

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