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KS4 English

This half term in English, we are looking at information texts and instructional texts. 

Animal Fact Files

Have a look at these tips to make your own Fact File: 

There's even a game to help you get the info in order!

Information texts revision 

BBC Bitesize have an excellent page all about non-fiction. and information texts.

It lists different types of text and the features writers use to engage the reader .


Fact or opinion ?

Challenge yourself with this fact or opinion game.

Test your skills!

Heather's Class


A blog is a website containing information articles (posts )about a specific subject.

We  have been looking at different styles of information texts  about subjects that interest us 

Have look at this  blog post online that  has been written about  the  best games console  releases of 2023 .


 As  you read, think about these questions  ?

  • How does a blog post layout differ  from  information texts in a book ?
  • Is it written in  a formal or informal style  ?
  • Why are  images  ( photos )  important  in  a  blog post ?
  • How does a  blog post use  headings and sub headings   ?
  • Who is the  target audience 


Can you find these elements in this blog post ?

  • Hyperlink   
  • Caption     
  • Social media  share
  • comments  section
  • images 


 Could you write  a blog article about your favourite computer /console game   ? 


Think about

  • how  you might  layout your post
  • what relevant information  you might include  (including images )
  • how you  would make your post  an article that people might enjoy and learn from .


Your article could contain 

  • a description of the gameplay.
  • game tips 
  • technical information ( system specifications / hardware )


Blog post link :-