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Interim Headteacher: Lee harris

Head of School - Keighley: Michelle Nichols
Head of School - Thackley: Dave Prosho

Keighley: Greenhead Road, Utley, Keighley, West Yorkshire, BD20 6ED

Thackley: Ellar Carr Road, Thackley, Bradford, BD10 0TD

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KS4 Maths

This term KS4 pupils are learning about using money in mathematical settings and in real life contexts.


Here are some activities to try

Custom Car Garage 

Design and pay for your own dream car 

Coin Cruncher

Feed the monster the correct total !

The Change Game

Calculate how much change you'll receive on your shopping trip 

And some more challenging ! 

Space Trader

Use you maths skills to see  if you are getting the best deal !+-

The Budget Game 

How well can you use you money skills to manage your life ?+-

How the Economy Works 

Interactive activity to investigate how money affects our everyday lives 

Some KS4 Maths practise favourites ! What's your best score ?

Karate Cat Maths 

What do you mean  cats can't do  Karate   ?

Practise all types of maths and  turn your moggie into a  martial arts expert .



Play the game 

Hit the button

Quick - fire mental maths game against the clock.

Can you beat your score in one  minute of numbers?

You can  also download this game as an app onto a tablet  or phone .


Play the game 

War Pretzels 

Streetfighter  but with  arm wrestling   bakery products and   mental maths  questions  !

Get the correct answers to win the battle  ! 


Play game