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Pupil Premium was Introduced in April 2011, the pupil premium is an allocation of money given to schools to improve the attainment of specific groups of pupils. These groups are children who are looked after by the local authority, those who have been eligible for Free School Meals at any point in the last six years (also known as Ever 6 FSM) and for children whose parents are currently serving in the armed forces. Pupils who are cared for by the local authority also receive a monetary allocation called Pupil Premium Plus.


The allocation of funding is designed to close the attainment gap for pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds and is to be used to

support individuals or groups of pupils to make progress across all areas of the curriculum and enable pupils to engage fully with

their education.


However, at Beechcliffe School the indicator for Pupil Premium "Free School Meals" may not reflect the numbers of pupils who are

eligible within the school as some of our pupils are fed via gastrostomies.

Families of these pupils therefore, do not apply for free school meals and do not always realise that this impacts upon the ability to

access other allowances and support.


Post sixteen pupils do not receive the pupil premium funding, however they are entitled to apply for the post sixteen bursary.

Pupil Premium Report - 2014/2015

 Pupil premium statement - 2015/2016

Pupil Premium statement 2016/2017 including 15/16 financial statement

Pupil Premium statement 2017/2018 including 16/17 financial statement 

Pupil Premium statement 2018/2019 including 16/17 financial statement

Pupil Premium statement 2019/2020 including 18/19 financial statement


For further information relating to free school meals click on the image.  


For further information relating to the Post Sixteen Bursary please CLICK HERE.




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