What the pupils say about life at Beechcliffe!



I like all the lessons because the staff are all funny and helpful - Atiya

I like drumming, I have drumming sessions with Gail, it's fun - Roland

I like Performing Arts because ........ we do a bit of dancing, we can do acting. I also like the type of music we dance to - Eve

I get to cook and try new foods and learn new stuff - Joseph

I like special days at school like Sports Relief, Children in Need, Book day and anti - bullying day. Those days are loads of fun and you get to help people - Jodie

I like the reading books, we have lots of good ones and I like reading - Thomas

I like doing topic work, we do lots of different ones - Ellis

I am good at swimming now and I like swimming with my friends - Evie

I am very excited about being in my first Beechcliffe show - Joseph