• Autumn/Winter art project - collect leaves - when out walking, from your garden, explore the colours and sizes - match the different types of leaves, dry them out compare fresh leaves with dry leaves, make a scunchie bag of leaves - what sounds can we hear?

  • Linked to our life skills activities - can your child help chop/slice or peel vegetables, butter bread if making sandwiches, select their own fillings from a selection you may have, help add the teabag/coffee/milk/milkshake powder to cups as part of your family meal or just having a snack or a drink.

  • Collect different textures of materials and bring into school as part of our art project - if you no longer need old clothes items, towels, tea towels etc - smooth, rough, patterned, coloured, plastic, sponges etc - make feely bags of different textures - just put them in a bag and explore the contents. Only needs to be small samples that can be held in your hand

  • Collect take away menus as part of our practical maths lessons.

  • Look at signs around us when out walking or shopping.

  • Practice opening packets when preparing foods/meals.