Life Skills

As we get older, we need to start working on skills that will help us to be more independent in the future.

When you're in a shop, or in your kitchen, have a look at some food labels. Can you see the ingredients, vitamins, fats and sugars?

 Think about how to make a healthy choice.

How much do you help out with jobs around the house? Could you ask your parents to show you how to wash up, fold clothes or vacuum?

Could you keep up with helping for a week or longer?

How much exercise do you do? Exercise helps your body and brain to stay healthy and happy.

What is your favourite activity? Which muscles do you use while doing it?

How does exercise make you feel? 

Keep track of how much you help around the house with this Scores for Chores sheet!

If you would like to try a mindfulness meditation, which can help with stress and anxiety, watch this video: