Circle 1

Please use the resources below to help your child during the closure of their pod. This can be supplemented by the links on other pages of the KS3 learning zone. 

Phonics and Reading


We are learning all about animals this half term. The National Oak Academy have 6 lessons to support your learning.

Click here to view them 

Animal Classification Game

We are also learning about parts of our body including digestion and circulation. 


We are using Beegu as our book this half term. Watch the video to help with your work.

This video from the National Oak Academy will give you more information about adjectives. 



We are learning to compare and contrast numbers. 

Challenge 1 is numbers 0-10

Challenge 2 is numbers 0-20 

Challenge 3 is numbers 0-100 

Challenge 4 is numbers 0-1000.

Choose your challenge and pick numbers to order and talk about them.