Beechcliffe School

Safe Joyful Learning

01535 603041

Interim Headteacher: Lee harris

Head of School - Keighley: Michelle Nichols
Head of School - Thackley: Dave Prosho

Keighley: Greenhead Road, Utley, Keighley, West Yorkshire, BD20 6ED

Thackley: Ellar Carr Road, Thackley, Bradford, BD10 0TD

Keighley: Thackley:

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Meet the Governors

     Ms Heather Bell 

      Chair of Governors

        Term: 1/4/19- 31/3/23

           Mr Julian Maxfield 

           Vice Chair of Governors

           Term 15/5/22 - 14/5/26

Ms Michelle Nichols

 Interim Head of School - Keighley Site

 Associate Governor 

    votes on CSS Committee

Mr Lee Harris

 Interim Headteacher

 Associate Governor 

    votes on CSS Committee



                                                      David Prosho 

                          Interim Head of School - Thackley Site

                                               Associate Governor

                                         votes on CSS Committee                              

             Nick Bell

                              Co-opted Governor 

                          Term 01/02/22 - 31/01/26

Stuart Fildes 

Co-opted Governor

 Term: 13/7/21 - 12/7/25

Peter Gallagher

   Co-opted Governor

   Term: 28/04/2022 - 27/04/26 


      Sam Wiley

                            Parent Governor

                      Term: 10.10.19 - 09.10.23

                      Mrs Gail Rushton

                        Co - opted Governor

                         Term: 07/03/19 - 06/03/23

Tony Jenkinson

Co-opted Governor

Term: 25/05/23 - 24/05/27


Emma Faulkner

Parent Governor

Term 04/01/22 - 03/01/26






Staff Governor - Keighley Site



Parent Governor - Keighley Site


Dockroyd Business Solutions

   Clerk to the Governing Body


Governors who have left the Board in the last 12 months  


Mary Jo Clayton                                                  term 18-03-21 - 17-03-25     left May 2022

Jayne Marran                                                       term 12-07-18 - 11-07-22      left July 2022