After school club

Our After School Club is now in its second year and is enjoyed by Beechcliffe students of all ages and abilities.

The after school club runs on two evenings a week, currently these are Tuesday and Wednesdays from 3:00pm until 5:00pm.

Unfortunately we are not able to offer transport so pupils need to be collected by parents or carers.

It has a high staff to student ratio to ensure that a choice of activities can be offered whilst keeping students safe.

All of the staff are employed through school and work as SNTAs during the day.

This means they know the pupils and families well.

They may also know about things which have happened during the school day so have additional insight into how pupils may be feeling.

Staff are also fully trained in administering specific medications so we are able to offer places to pupils with very complex needs.

The club always starts with a much appreciated snack after working hard at school, then the rest is up to them.

That might be a chilled session watching a film with their friends or rebound sessions for the more energetic.

We also offer cooking/baking, sports, outside play, sensory sessions, computers, iPads and music.

The session is very much led by the students and we try our best to cater for everyone’s choice.


Places for the afterschool club are limited and usually oversubscribed.

We try to offer this opportunity to as many pupils as possible, therefore many parents who select both evenings are often only allocated one. Unfortunately on some occasions not all requests for places can be met. When this happens we try to prioritise those pupils the following term.

Applications will be sent home with pupils each term and also posted on the website.

Please Contact the School Office for more information

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