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KS3 Curriculum content

This curriculum follows the full National Curriculum and is modified to suit the needs of individual pupils.


A creative curriculum approach is adopted when planning to deliver lessons to pupils and all the KS3 classes use the same theme , however this is delivered at different levels to meet the development needs of the pupils within specific class groups. This adds depth and pupil enjoyment of the lessons. Please see link below for the current terms theme and coverage.



 Pupils receive 45 minute lessons throughout the day based upon National curriculum areas alongside swimming, PE and creative and performing arts.


At Beechcliffe School we support the values of democracy, rules of law, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance of different faiths and beliefs and these are embedded within our curriculum. These values are found in our own school values identified as respect, kindness, honesty, hard work, cooperation, fairness, confidence, tolerance, politeness and responsibility.

In addition, we offer Personal, Health and Social Education (including Sex and Relationships Education) courses and experiences to prepare the pupils for adult life. For pupils who learn phonetically the DFE letters and sounds programme is used to develop individual pupils ability to decode the written language and also develop the skills required to retrieve information either literally or through inference.


The curriculum includes Religious Education, which aims to give an understanding of the world's major faiths, and is concerned with the moral and spiritual development of children and young adults living in a multi-cultural society.


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 KS4 Curriculum content

As pupils progress into our KS4 classes the curriculum continues to follow the national curriculum but pupils are able to begin to make more choices about which subjects they will study.

KS4 pupils begin to work towards achieving accreditation in year 11. Most of the pupils work towards functional skills qualifications in English and Maths. Pupils options are selected from the AQA schemes which offer a wide breadth of subjects areas such as History, Geography, ICT and working outdoors to name a few.

Pupils in KS4 continue to study RE and are involved in all the school RE theme days, we believe studying RE helps our pupils to value each other and others in society regardless of their personal beliefs.

Pupils within KS4 are prepared for the transition into post 16 and higher expectations are placed upon them to be role models for younger pupils.


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Modified & Supported Curriculum

The fundamental aim of the school is to enable the pupils to achieve success, and to develop - educationally, socially, physically and morally.

 We aim to offer all our learners the opportunity to develop and learn in a supportive, caring environment which has high expectations for all to achieve.

 We offer three different curriculum stands which are Sensory and experiential, modified and supported as well as our post sixteen provision. Each strand is designed to meet the educational development needs of learners of all our pupils

Whole School Creative and Performing Arts and Arts award.

On a Thursday afternoons the whole school comes together to work upon creative and performing arts. We produce two shows a year and pupils select which area of performing arts they want to participate in, these include dance, drama, singing, costumes, scenery, sound and lighting alongside publicity including making brochures and photography.


Alongside the other subjects taught at Beechcliffe school we also offer pupils working within the modified and supported bases to become involved in working towards an Arts award, pupils can work through the levels bronze, silver and gold. This is enjoyed by the students and most pupils get to select which area of creative arts they are interested in. The selection choices are - dance, singing, music, drama and art.

Pupils participate in both practical and theory lessons and build up a portfolio of their work which is assessed at the end of the year.



The Duke of Edinburgh Award

Pupils within KS3 and KS4 work towards achieving the duke of Edinburgh Award. We feel that this award offers our pupils to develop skills and apply them independently alongside achieving a recognised award at which they can feel proud to achieve. Independence is vitally important to our pupils and it is up to us as a school to promote independence as much as possible in a safe secure manner.

The award involves pupils developing a self chosen skill and evidencing this, participating in activities which support others, planning and presenting a review off how they achieved the award and participating in a overnight camping activity including developing self help skills. Our pupils are keen to undertake this challenge and show great enthusiasm in each element.

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