At Beechcliffe School we have a safeguarding team who meet once a fortnight in a morning to formerly liaise and update each other to ensure all information in relation to safeguarding pupils is shared and actions taken if necessary. The team also meet for a longer meeting once a month, this meeting includes updating on all pupils with support services involved, next steps for ongoing issues, discussions relating to supporting families who do not meet the threshold for outside agency support. 

Meet the Safeguarding Team

                                                     Sue Haithwaite                                                            Suzanne Craig




                                        Executive Head                                                            Head of school
                                         Named Person                                                            Named person

                                     Deputy Safeguarding Lead                                      Overall Safeguarding Lead



          Richard Maler


Michelle Nichols

                                             Deputy Headteacher                                                      Deputy Headteacher

                                       Named Person                                                                 Named Person

                                 Deputy Safeguarding Lead                                          Deputy Safeguarding Lead


                                          Leslie Faye                                                                 Janet Robertshaw


                                       Parent Liaison                                                                  School Nurse


Beechcliffe School also have a named Safeguarding Governors. These governors meet with a member of the SLT on a termly basis to ensure current legislation is being adhered to and that the procedures for safeguarding are robust and effective.

Safeguarding is a regular agenda item at full governing body meetings and the safe guarding governors, alongside, the Head of School report to them.

                                                                                                             Ms Heather Bell

Chair of Governing Body

Named Governor for Safeguarding